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It’s All About The February Sign- ‘Pisces’

06, Feb 2019 Blog

It’s All About The February Sign- ‘Pisces’

According to many Vedic Astrologers, Pisces is the twelfth astrological signs. Pisceans are born between 14th March to 14 April. It symbolizes two fish swimming together with the tail of one in the mouth of another. Pisces fall under the water element and ruled by Jupiter. Being a mutable(quality) sign, they can easily adapt themselves with everyone.

Pisceans are very sensitive and emotional people among all the other zodiac signs in the list.

To understand more specifically about this zodiac sign, let’s get into some traits of Pisces. Each of every sign has positive and negative traits in the zodiac. What are those for the sign of Pisces?

Let’s see in details.

These Positive Traits Make Every Piscean Special:

Their Kindness: They are very kind to everyone and they love to treat people with politeness.

They are compassionate: This is the most powerful trait of this zodiac sign. Being born under this sign, they are always helpful to others and always want to help out other people. They can be still compassionate with others when they disappoint them.

They are born to imagine: Pisces are very imaginative, always ready with a box of creative ideas. They are great daydreamers.

Sensitive: They are very sensitive people. If they care about someone, they are truly affectionate towards those people. If something or someone hurts them, they feel it deeply.

Romantic: Pisceans are the lover of art and tradition. They love romanticism in any form – movies, music or books.

Selfless: Selflessness is the nature of Pisceans. They self-sacrifice a lot to make others happy.

Every coin has 2 sides. Pieceans have certain of these Negative Traits:

Unreachable at times: If something goes wrong with them, they detach themselves from reality as they avoid any kind of confrontation.

Face problems in decision making: They often face a conflict when making decisions because they do not want to hurt people, by conveying their own decision.

Emotional wreck: Pisceans take most matters to heart which leads them into an over-emotional state.

Easily lose motivation: If a Piscean finds something out of their control, they easily tend to lose motivation and get into a negative thought process about it. They just need a little nudge from their well-wishers to complete their aim.

These are the natural traits of all Pisceans. But every person has different traits on the basis of their birth chart. 


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