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How does Astrology Help to Determine Business Success?

05, Aug 2022 Blog

How does Astrology Help to Determine Business Success?

The decision to do a business is a crucial one. Every individual approaches the decision of business with a positive intention. However, succeeding in business is not the fate of every person. You need a sufficient amount of market knowledge, logical skills and a creative mindset along with fate. However, apart from these acquirable skills, an individual must be lucky enough to succeed in a business. In the true sense of the word “luck”, fate definitely plays an important role in determining the success rate of the business.

Thus, before you venture into the unknown business world, ensure that you get your horoscope analysed by a good Vedic astrologer. You can also opt for Vedic astrology consultation online to get insights into the positive facts about the business.

How Does Astrology Help with Business Success Predictions?

If you wish to know whether the business is the right choice for you or not, then the astrologers will check the status of the 2nd, 7th and 9th houses of the horoscope. The planets residing in these houses must be benefic and supportive to the ascendant in the 10th house of the individual. If this situation persists, then the business is your right decision.

Mars, also known as the Red Planet, is responsible for business success among the different planets. Along with the positive influence of Mars, the 10th Lord of Lagna of the native should be in a strong position. Sagittarius is one prominent sign eligible for business among the different zodiac signs. Since the natives born under the Sagittarius sign are creative and technically knowledgeable, they have good chances of succeeding in business ventures.

Why Does a Business Fail?

In most cases, individuals with ample knowledge fail in a business. According to Vedic astrologers, Rahu and Saturn are the two planets responsible for occurrences of unfavourable situations in a business. Moreover, if the 11th house is being affected by the malefic planets, then whatever type of business you plan to start will be in vain.

You might be born into a business family. However, that doesn’t mean that you will succeed as an entrepreneur. With an in-depth analysis of the horoscope, the astrologers can check the conditions of the houses of the native. Thus, before plunging into the unknown world of business, make sure that you get your horoscope checked by renowned Vedic astrologers like Anuradha Sharda. She can help you with your career and business consultation. To know more, check our website.

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