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Get Better Education Prediction With Vedic Astrology In India

11, Nov 2020 Blog

Get Better Education Prediction With Vedic Astrology In India

Vedic Astrology is an ancient system of knowledge through which the position of stars and planets are studied to understand their influence on our lives. It is also known as Jyotish which means brilliant, luminous, shining, celestial, belonging to the world of light. In other words, Vedic astrology is the science of light. It helps us to understand the working of planets in our lives and their influence in shaping our horoscope.

Vedic Astrology and Education
If you want to predict one’s education through Vedic astrology, it’s time to get in touch with the best astrologer in India. They will analyse the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house on the Vedic chart and let you know how they can impact your education. If you want to get a clearer picture of your early childhood study and development phase, study the second house. The 4th house is a reflection of the emotional sensitivity one has towards learning. The 5th house shows how one will pass his high school education and get a bachelor degree. If you want to know more about your higher education and postgraduate degree, get in touch with a reputed Vedic astrologer like Anuradha Sharda and she will make the prediction after studying the 9th house in your horoscope.

The Impact Of Each House In Our Horoscope On Our Education
1. 2nd House

There is a higher chance for you to face difficulties in your early childhood education if there are malefic planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu in the second house of your horoscope. The Vedic astrologer might also study the position of Jupiter or Mercury in the 4th house. You can easily handle the difficulties in your early childhood education if the position of these planets is strong in the 4th house.

2. 4th House

If you want to know more about the sensitive and emotional assets of your life, study the fourth house in your horoscope. Study the house to know more about your education and you will get to know about its emotional and sensitive aspects. It is advisable to undergo education in the field of spiritual, social or philosophy if there are planets like the moon, sun or Jupiter in the fourth house. If both Mercury and Sun are present, your Vedic astrologer might advice you to choose fields like mathematics or astrology as there will be a higher chance for you to achieve great heights.

3. 5th House

Everyone who knows Vedic astrology in India is aware of the importance of the 5th house on a person’s horoscope. You might have to face problems in your education if there are planets like Rahu or Saturn in this house. You can reduce their negative impact on your education by studying the position of positive planets like Mercury, Jupiter or Moon. You might lose interest in education if Venus is sitting on the 5th house.

4. 9th House

The importance of the 9th house on one’s education can never be ignored. You might have to face a delay in your graduation education if planets like Ketu, Rahu or Saturn are sitting in the 9th house. Only the presence of positive planets like Jupiter can reduce their negative impact. Planets like Mercury, moon and sun are also beneficial for the 9th house.

These being said, you are now aware of the impact of Vedic astrology on education prediction.

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