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Everything You Should Know About Panchang

20, Feb 2019 Blog

Everything You Should Know About Panchang

What is Panchang?

In Hindu astrology, Panchang is “Hindu Calendar”. Panchang spelled in a various way in a different state (Pancanga, Ponjika, Panchanga, Panchaanga and so on). According to Hindu Vedic Astrologers, Panchang is an astrological diary which is mainly used to see auspicious dates and timing of marriage, ceremonies, calculate auspicious timings before traveling, forecasting weather, before going for an interview, or starting of any new business.

Five important parts are called Panchang in Sanskrit, which is required by every astrologer to calculate the position of the planets.

The five parts are-

Tithi (the lunar day)

Vaar (the day of the week)




Tithi (the lunar day): According to the Hindu calendar, Tithi is considered a day. It is the phases of the moon, which completes with every 12 degrees difference between Sun and Moon. There is a total of 30 tithis in a month. Generally, every auspicious ceremony is scheduled after consulting for a good tithi.

Karana: It is half of the Tithi. There is a total of 11 Karanas. Some of them have good quality and some of them have bad attributes.

Vaar (the day of the week): It is the seven days of the week. Sunday was known as the day of the Sun, Monday- Moon, Tuesday- Mars, Wednesday- Mercury, Thursday- Jupiter, Friday- Venus, and Saturday known as the day of Saturn.

Nakshatra: In Vedic astrology there is a total of 27 Nakshatras in 360 degrees. Nakshatra is calculated by knowing the position of the Moon at the time of birth.

Yoga: Yoga are the derived by adding the longitude of the Sun and the Moon . Some Yogas are considered as very auspicious where as others are considered inauspicious for any good thing or work.

Astrologers calculate the planetary position of a person’s birth chart by matching with the help of Panchang and look for the good time, which will be favorable to the person. It is a very traditional way to perform astrology to guide a person correctly and find success in life

Why Panchang?

Before you take any action, you must check out the feasibility of its fructification. Panchang is the ancient way of calculating good times and bad times for the world at large and an individual in particular. It help one achieve a smooth success.

Many Vedic astrologers follow Panchang before performing any work.

There are many a factors to know about Panchang. Increase your knowledge on Panchang and build yourself up as a professional. I am providing a beneficial course for everyone on Panchang. To know more, follow the link below.



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