Position on 26th December at 8 AM IST


Nakshatra and Pada

House/s Lord



Uttaraashada 1



Moola 3



Moola 3



Vishakha 4



Moola 3



Moola 4



Shravana 1



Purvaashada 4



Ardra 3



Purvaashada 1

As we see, the entire confluence of planets is posited in the two Nakshatras of Moola and Purvaashada. These two Nakshatras are not very easy Nakshatras and require a lot of attention of the person concerned. Moola is a very sharp Nakshatra with its deity being Nirruti, the Deity of destruction while Purvaashada is a fierce Nakshatra with its deity being a silent one yet with a fighting and mysterious spirit.

One of the major features of an eclipse that we observe is that there is a veiling and unveiling of events. As the story of Rahu, Sun and Moon suggests, Rahu tried to deceive Mohini which was later revealed by the Sun and Moon. Taking that as a point of reference, we would see the unveiling or revelation of ideas and objectives after the eclipse. The entire month between the two eclipses should be a month of observation and assessment as we would come to understand nuances of so many underlining events that when they are revealed, we would have already come to such conclusion before hand ( like the Sun and Moon ) instead of remaining in the darkness like the other Devtas.

Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter – Apart from Rahu and Ketu are an integral part of this eclipse and Venus has an indirect effect with its Nakshatra taking a very active and lead role. The entire chart will be activated with respect to Sagittarius. Sagittarius will be showing a great deal of vibrancy.


UTC Time

Time in Hyderabad

First location to see the partial eclipse begin

26 Dec, 02:29:53

26 Dec, 07:59:53

First location to see the full eclipse begin

26 Dec, 03:34:33

26 Dec, 09:04:33

Maximum Eclipse

26 Dec, 05:17:46

26 Dec, 10:47:46

Last location to see the full eclipse end

26 Dec, 07:00:55

26 Dec, 12:30:55

Last location to see the partial eclipse end

26 Dec, 08:05:40

26 Dec, 13:35:40


UTC Time

Time in Hyderabad*

First location to see the partial eclipse begin

26 Dec, 02:29:53

26 Dec, 07:59:53


For the Aries Lagna, Sun is the Lord of the 5th House is placed in the 9th House and is being eclipsed on the Rahu Ketu axis. It is accompanied with the 9th and 12Lord Jupiter. This is the time when you really need to be aware of your fundamentals and need to be on alert. You need to have a wait and watch theory in practice instead of jumping headlong into action. As the 9th House gets activated, it brings in its own revelations and a bird’s eye view to the situation works wonderfully for you. Keep a good look on your children and their activities and also keep on a watch out of your father’s health. It is a good time to start on a esoteric study as a lot will be revealed to you through this particular month. Learning from a very fundamental level will help you understand a lot of things. You can also bring about a change in your sleep patterns or your judgmental qualities.



For the Taurus Lagna, the eclipse happens on the 2/8 axis. The axis related to money, steady intellect, paternal property, worries arising from siblings, mental peace. This is a time when these karakas and many more relating to the 2/8 axis are very active. If one wants to channelise this energy, one needs to stop fighting an external battle and understand the cause at the basic level as Mercury the Lord of the 2nd Lord and Jupiter the Lord of the 8th House is also involved in this combination. The best way to steady the mind is to go into a meditative practice and be an observer. This also gives you an ability to steady the Mercury and take mindful decisions, specially regards family and children. (Mercury is the young prince and the Lord of the 5th House.)


For the Gemini Lagna, the Eclipse takes place in the 1/7 axis. The self and the counter are under the radar. The 7th House is vibrating and needs its outlet. It is time that you work on your partnerships and your social status from the basic level and be able to see through the extra happenings. As Mercury, the fast-moving planet is behind Jupiter, you should be able to get your heart’s desire over the long run, provided you are correct and have done your basic work. It is time to stay cool and be on preparation mode rather than active mode. Observe the opposition and work silently is the call of the day.



For the Cancer Lagna, the eclipse takes place in the 6/12 Axis. 6th House is the house of retention and 12th House is the house of letting go. Here, the person needs to ascertain what has to be retained and what to let go. What needs to be retained will clarify what can be let gone off. 6th House is litigations, enemies – hidden, ill health, worry, employees, maternal cousins, debts. The 12th House represents retreats, relief from debts, sibling’s spouse, expenditures, anger and dispute etc. It is time to embrace health, check where you can change, understand the mind frame of employees and without creating an awareness in them be watchful and distant. It is time to let go of things not working for you or people you feel are hindering your progress. You will be able to see the flaws in your system after the eclipse provided you work properly. As you fundamentally fight certain habits and be in the process of letting go, a small push and a revelation will get you going.



For the Leo Lagna, the 5th House is the house under pressure and vibrating with recurring of the past life. It is time for you to pay a close call to your child/ren and his or her activities. If you are in a relationship, be observant and be compliant but refrain from committing till the lunar eclipse. As I said earlier, you will find a lot of revelations coming your way, and probably a small stance that you may need to take to prove your point to get to the final victory. It is safe to keep your eyes open and move slowly and extremely steadily. A good time for you to start any teaching or doing of a new mantra or an old one afresh as it will clear your energy and give you the ability to fight any oncoming battle.



For the Virgo Lagna, the 4th House becomes activated with the Lagna Lord being greatly involved in the equation. It is the time when you will feel extremely frustrated or overwhelmed with your home or would need to come in terms of securities. Do not let these emotions get on to you. It is important that you learn to restructure your present house or family system such that the old and the inefficient part is left behind or removed and the more effective part takes over. Same holds true for emotional bonds. Bonds which are becoming obsolete and useless should be dropped to create space for more a positive energy to flow through. The best part is that you will be privy to such an emotion in the near future.



For the Libra Lagna, the 3rd House is vibrating with the Eclipse energy. On a very subtle level, there will be conscious awakening for people of this Lagna. Their power of observation will increase or will become sharp. It is the time when a person is likely to gain insight into lot of things in life. Travelling and conversations with people will bring about a lot of understanding and open new avenues. If you plan to start any new project in the next 6 months, you should be very careful about it and thoroughly research the project before beginning it.


For the Scorpio Lagna, it is time or you to try and discover if your finances and dealings are correct or could do with some change and modification. You are likely to understand certain factors about your life and family. It is time for you to come to a strong understanding about the family life and probably bring about a change in your own behavioral patterns. This will help you bring about a certain peace in life. A strong need to recognise your creative potential can be seen and felt. You should explore the uninhibited portion of your life to find something creative and pick that as a habit.


For the Sagittarius Lagna, the Lagna is very active and vibrant. This is the time when you need to understand your true self and have a true look at your needs and aspirations in life. You are likely to feel so worked up and living on the edge. If you do not take some time out for your own self, you will have a burn out. It is also a time for you to come to certain decisions about your partnerships in life. Any commitment you want to make should take place only after the Lunar eclipse of 2020. The time between the twin eclipses is the time of contemplation. Take sometime out, sit back and contemplate. You are likely to reach some conclusions if you trust your inner instincts.

For the Capricorn Lagna, the 12th House of travel and also



Finally, we need to be observant of the point of eclipse or rather the degree of eclipse. Any planet crossing this point will leave behind a change for the next 6 months in your life as regards the house and its connections. For example, when Mercury crosses this point, the Aries Lagna people can have some matters relating to the 3rd and 6th House happening on that day which may be of significance for the next 6 months.

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