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Dhenu Yog

17, Apr 2020 Blog

Dhenu Yog

If Benefics aspect or occupy the second house, and the Lord of the second house is not combust and is in its own sign or the sign of exaltation and is placed in a good house, then it is called Dhenu Yog.

One who is born in Dhenu Yog possesses good wealth, jewels, and is like a king. He is rich and very successful in financial control. From the 2nd house we judge education, family, the type of food and drink one is found of. If the Lord of the second house is strong then such a person will get good food, good things to drink, will be educated, will have a large family. Etc. In South India education is also considered from the second house. In fact, 2nd house in the house of speech, lips and mouth and tongue. General it is thought that one who is educated will have a good speech and voice. Or one who has knowledge, who speaks well these are interrelated matters.


In the chart of Dhirubhai Ambani , the second Lord Saturn is placed in the second house and is aspected by the Lagna Lord Jupiter from the 10th House and the lagna Lord Jupiter is also the Lord of the 4th house and aspects the fourth House along with Saturn. The fourth house represent securities and also represent homeland. He made a lot of money from securities in his homeland.

Saturn here is posited in Shravana Nakshatra. The Lord of the Shravana Nakshatra is Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is said to be quiet and very observant. A well-known fact is that the wife of Lord Vishnu is Goddess Lakshmi and together Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are the one who are responsible for the working of this Universe one a day to day basis. They are said to be the operating force of the Universe. Hence Sravana Nakshatra gives him a lot of money and prosperity over a long period of time.

Saturn being a planet of slow motion and did not give him a rise early in life but it it gave him arise after a lot of struggle and hard work and once he started to rise up in life the Rise was continuous and also for a very long period of time.

The Artha Trikona which deals with the finances of a person are also very important in describing the financial situation of a person. If there is a good connection between the Lord of the 2nd house, the 6th and the 10th house then such a person earns a great deal of wealth in life.

In Bill Gates chart, we see that the second Lord moon is posited in the 10th house and is aspected by the 6th Lord Mars from the 4th house. It is in conjunction with exalted 4th Lord Mercury hence shows a great deal of money through securities and also a lot of bank balance. When we see the Moon Nakshatra , the Moon is in  UttaraBhadra Nakshatra and this is a Nakshatra which generates and give a lot of wealth. The Lord of the Nakshatra is Saturn which is placed in the 5th house, the house of Poorva Punya and luck and is exalted. This exalted lord is also in conjunction with the Lord of the 5th house Venus which is again a money given planet.

Also, Mercury is said to be the Karaka of finance and business. The exalted Mercury give a person a great sense of accountancy and aptitude to learn everything and anything that the person encounters.

[0:27 am, 16/04/2020] anuradhasharda75: So this Saturn is very strong and hands the moon Nakshatra becomes very very strong and moon becomes very powerful in generating wealth. This moon is also aspected by traffic from vi house therefore we can easily conclude that most of the income and also the profession for Bill Gates would relate to finance and and the the computer industry Microsoft is all about computer

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