Corona Virus – Present Transit and the Economic meltdown – An Analysis

Moola Nakshatra is the 19th Nakshatra of the zodiac and is placed in the sign of Sagittarius from 0* degrees to 13*20’ is represented by Nirutti.  Nirutti is the Goddess of destruction and poverty. It is also the Deity which causes epidemics and in lives in creeks and hollow spaces and causes decay. Moola is also ruled by Ketu in the Vimshottari Dasha scheme. Ketu is said to be the planet of inlet of Karma.

All the three Ketu Nakshatras- Asvini, Makha and Moola are very vibrant and of them, Moola Nakshatra is very strong.

Ketu nakshatras fall in the Gandhanta zone as per chapter 94 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. Of these, the Gandhanta of Jyestha (last Nakshatra in Scorpio) and Moola,  the first Nakshatra in Sagittarius is the most inauspicious, specially the last 5 ghatis ( 1 ghati is 24 minutes , therefore the 102 minutes that is 1 degree 42 minutes) of Jyestha, and starting 8 ghatis of Moola ( that is 3 degrees 12 minutes ) are called Abukta Moola which is said to be a highly trouble giving period as per sloka number 5 of Chapter 94 of BPHS.  

We need to understand that Moola shakes us up to wake us from our stupor and get us out of our complacency that comes after Jyestha and winning.

Jupiter is the Dev Guru and signifies justice, purity, spirituality, connectivity with the Divine and love for all beings. It also signifies the right and the ability to be truthful to the self and others. When Jupiter entered Mula, it faced a sudden fall from Jyestha or the supreme because there is always an essence of pride in the Jyestha Nakshatra as its Deity is the king of Devtas, Indra, who for all his might, power and penance is also very strong headed and arrogant. Jupiter, when it entered its own house after a long period of 12 years had all the reason to clean up its house of all the ongoing problems in the world and let Divine Justice prevail. As we were being absolutely careless and callous towards the environment in the last decade and so destruction set in to balance things out. 

Niritti, the Goddess of Mula rules over South West and we need to pay our offerings to her in that direction. She feeds on the decayed, burnt and raw meat, liquor and sour food and hence such places are her home ground. It is an extremely fierce Nakshatra in nature and is capable of Breaking and destroying things as per its Shakti. 

Ketu moves in retrograde motion and once in 18 years it moves into Mula. When Ketu, the Moksha Karaka and the inlet of Karma, moves in its own Nakshatras, becoming very strong and having the ability to give back to us in the same coin, if not greater, it will cause breakdowns and dissolutions for us to hit the realisation and learn to be more caring and compassionate. This will continue till Ketu crosses over to Gandanta after one month of its crossing over to Jyestha Nakshatra (as it takes 18 days for Rahu and Ketu to move through a degree) this mayhem will come to closure. In the meantime, nature will have established her supremacy and we would have suffered the payback on our Karma.

Again, Rahu represents illusion or diseases that are not easily diagnosed, viral disease which take a long time in expressing themselves and are difficult, if not impossible to cure. It is also said to influence the bhava 7th from it. Ketu in his turn tends to work in spurts so we find sporadic instances occurring in the first frame working out in countries and then Rahu takes over and starts spreading its tentacles everywhere. This tandem working of Rahu and Ketu is both fascinating and equally frustrating because of its enigmatic behaviour.

The last time when Jupiter was in Ardra with Rahu, we saw the destruction of the twin towers on 11th September, 2001. Rahu, we know is the Karaka for suddenness and Ardra is very famous for combat with its deity being Rudra, the trident wielding Lord who is a famous marksman. Ketu at that time was in Moola at 9°14’ with Mars, the warrior planet.

As per P.S. Shastri ji in his commentaries in Uttarakalamrita on Rahu/ Ketu, he states his opinion and experience that Ketu is very strong in Mula at 6 degrees. That would roughly be around the 1st of May. It means that the coming month of April is very crucial for us and once we are able to cross it, we should be able to start moving towards our recovery.

However, we will not be having an easy time during the recovery period and we should be aware and alert of any relapse as Jupiter would become retrograde and start moving backwards in Sagittarius, especially with Ketu moving towards what has been termed as Abukta Moola by BPHS. The medical force and the ministry as represented by Jupiter would be all out to take correct steps and with everyone’s cooperation, we would be successful as Ketu would move further in Jyestha. It would be around late September and early October that we will finally be witnessing the results of the hard work of our medical professionals and the governments at large. Ketu is said to have influence over 3 months while Rahu’s influence lasts for 8 months. Hence, Ketu’s period from 3*20’ in Moola and 29*00’ degree in Jyestha is very crucial and critical for us.

For the West, there is a word of caution in the coming times. Brihat Samhita says when Saturn/Mars occupy Uttarashadha countries to the northwest suffer much (14th Adhyaya- Chapter, called Nakshatrak Urma Chakra). So the Western countries need to be very vigilant, not that it exempts the Eastern Countries from being alert and sensible towards the issue.

In the present scenario, the Economy has taken a nose dive. As far as economic slowdowns go, it will pick up temporarily once Jupiter enters Capricorn in the UttaraAshada Nakshatra. Capricorn is the Artha sign or the sign of Trade, Profession and Business. It would also transit the Nakshatra of the Vishwadevtas, the formidable force of nature and they are the upholder of all things positive and beautiful. However, the economy and the health situations will fall back once again starting May 14th when Jupiter starts to retrograde and reenters Sagittarius in the month of July. This Jupiter enters Sagittarius with the intention to set right what had happened during its transit through this Rasi. Moreover, as this Rasi belongs to Jupiter, as I stated above, doctors, scientists and ministers will be able to find a way out of this grim situation through their sheer grit and determination. Hence, once Jupiter starts its direct motion in Sagittarius around September 13th, the stability will be on but as stated earlier it would definitely be an uphill task. The Uttaraashada Nakshatra will help in the stabilization. The Vishwadevta are a force of goodness to reckon with and are the just cure we need at this juncture.

Once Jupiter reaches Capricorn around 21st November, it will have firmly established itself in the practical mode.

Saturn is the planet of administration. Time and again people call Saturn a planet of restriction and slowdowns. However, for me, it provides frameworks and frameworks are essential to get proper work done within the right time. Let’s not forget that he is the younger brother of Yama also called Dharma, the upholder of duties. Thus, I believe that Saturn and Jupiter together help in stabilization and restructuration.

Before signing off a few things we can do to make this transit better for us –

1. Get up early and do some exercises to increase our stamina.

2. Do Pranayam to increase the lung capacity and immunity.

3. Eat healthy food.

4. Listen to the Government directives, if we want to survive this outbreak.

5. Be compassionate towards fellow beings.

6. Do the Rudrastakam and the Devi Kavach.

7. Be very humble towards wild animals and birds as both Rudra and Niritti are fond of them and have them in their entourage.

This is my take on the entire issue.  Your comments and criticism on this are most welcome.

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