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Can Astrology Predict Winning The Lottery?

10, Dec 2020 Blog

Can Astrology Predict Winning The Lottery?

Yes, Astrology can predict the winning of the lottery. We need to examine the a few things before we go ahead.
Luck places an important factor in a person’s life when we talk about lottery. Again, it is him who has to win so the person is also important.

Hence, the

1st House which shows self,
5th House which shows desired objectives and pursuits, gain of money or fortune and luck
9th House which shows the blessings and good wishes, prosperity in general, fortunes, benevolence, investment of money etc. are predicted from the 9th House.
11th House stands for all kinds of gains, gain of money, all desired and cherished objectives like hope and aspirations and their fulfillment is seen from the 11th House.
So, when we are checking about the winnings from lottery, these houses in the chart have to be strong and operating at the time of winning the lottery.

Now, on the planets.

Jupiter, Venus and at times Mercury are the planets which give bountiful in terms of money.
The nakshatras which give winnings are Moola, Jyestha, Dhanistha, Uttarabhadra and Revati.


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