Can Astrology Help You Predict The Future?

Astrology is a beautiful science which is dual in purpose. It introduces you to yourself and also tells you the timing of events in your life. Now, let us look at both these segments individually.

Placement of planets in a particular sign and more intrinsically, in a particular nakshatra bears great notice and detailing. These planets in these particular nakshatra and house as certain house lord/s have a distinct reason for being there. As their placement suggests, they would be imparting certain characteristics and nature to the person concerned which are basically the potential of the person. As he realises them and works on them with care and dedication, he would be able to achieve the toughest of goals possible. Similarly, realising the drawbacks of problems associated with the planet and the sign or the nakshatra in particular, the person would be able to know what obstacles or internal lacks he has to face and tackle and would be aware of his shortcomings. As they say, knowing and acknowledging is work half done, this would result in the person being ready move on with a gusto. So, here we learn about our strengths and weaknesses – sometimes those which we do not even acknowledge or pay heed to in our own selves.

Hence, on one hand it helps you know yourself better and deeply.

As far as prediction is concerned, there is no tool which can tell you when or how an event is going to unfold in your life as astrology does. The Dashas, the years of the planets and many other such parameters used in astrology for prediction are by far the best that one use to map the events of life. In fact, the timing there is a method in Vedic Astrology which is known as the Krishnamurthy Paddhati which can time events to hours. Hence, we understand that timing of events is just another part of astrology.

So, astrology is by far the best tool to analyse the person and also predict the future of the person.

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