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Aries – The Confident and Initiatve Energy of the Zodiac

18, Jan 2018 Blog

Aries – The Confident and Initiatve Energy of the Zodiac


Let’s look at the signs from the point of view of a story.

Let’s Go back into time, some few billion years back. Imagine the earth as a great hall, a chamber of untold treasures- physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual. Outside of it is the skies that open upto the heavens but the earth and the skies are divided by a raging fire, a celestial fire that burned so brightly that it lit up the whole sky.

GOD lead his twelve Celestial children up to this Earth and told them that HE was gifting them HIS most beautiful creation, the Earth with the Earthlings. HE told them that he wanted to entrust them the wellbeing and the learning these earthlings as he trusted his twelve celestial children to look after the earthlings to the best of their ability. For that HE would bestow all his children with a gift that they could put to good use along with the treasures that they got from Earth to take care of the beings on Earth.

The Children of GOD in all their glory looked at their FATHER in great awe. They wanted to please HIM and wanted their gifts too. The work of guiding and helping the beings on Earth was fascinating and interesting for them. At the same time, it carried enormous responsibilities.

However, the first bridge to cross was the huge roaring fire and they were a tad afraid for that huge fire. But not all were afraid. In fact, there was one of their sibling who was raging like the fire himself to take the plunge.


GOD realised that the most impatient of his celestial children would enter the vortex without the gift as he was so much in a hurry to explore the new territory. With an indulgent smile, GOD gifted this child of his called ARIES the gift of INITIATION and CONFIDENCE IN THE SELF.

Now Brother Aries took the plunge with a huge roar of a warrior. And he knew that he could not be burnt. His belief in himself landed him safely across the fires. He took the initial plunge and paved way for all to follow. The quintessential leader of the pack, he gladly took on to himself to face the battlefield – the unknown territory and bear the scars in his enthusiasm to promote confidence in his siblings and followers alike. Lithe and Muscular, this brother was the most agile of all. His speed and spontaneous reactions left all reeling. His multitasking abilities were something that were always talked about. A straight forward warrior who did not shy from any battles- be it verbal or physical, to the last T. He is as loyal as you can get. Brother Aries who liked to travel, travelled light. So, the gift that he chooses from the chambers was a seed. A seed? Most of us would consider it not so significant or worthy a choice. But let’s take a look. Brother Aries loved to travel light and what more could be lighter than the seed. An its worthiness. Well, think carefully and look around you. All the tangible and the not so tangible that you see and feel around you has germinated from the seed- Be it the seed of the fruits of the trees or the seed of ideas. It may look insignificant but it carries the DNA of the mighty oak and the blue prints of the mightiest of organisations and nations. However, on the flip side, the Arian could also be termed impatient by many. He wanted to get work done as of yesterday and when he turned, the world around him needed to hold on to something lest they fell of the merry go round. Driven to the point of getting angry outburst, frustrated with delays (Fire doing its job) the Aries always needs a task at hand or it may just die of boredom. A very good quality of brother Aries is that he focuses on the positive and good side of things and can easily cut off his losses. As quickly as he rushed in, brother Aries moved out with the same speed in his enthusiasm to guide the people on Earth towards their destiny and in the process meeting his own.

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