Animals of All 27 Nakshatras and What It Represents – Part 2

In the previous blog, I told you all about the first 7 animals of the Nakshatras. Today I will tell you about the next 7 animals of the Nakshatras. As per Vedic astrologers in India, all these animals have a lot of good quality and people with the same nakshatras can’t help but have some of the similar qualities of these animals.

A lone animal among the pairs of animals, people of Uttaraashada nakshatra like their solitude and find difficulty in adjusting with others.

The male elephant is the animal of Bharani. It is known for its sensuousness and gentleness. They are the epitome of honour, status, and respect. As for female elephants, it bestows the person with grandeur yet the person is not aware of their own importance. The planets in Revati nakshatra also depicts the same as it depicts the female elephant.

The female ones representing the Hasta nakshatra are in general affectionate, attentive, and fiercely protective of their calves. The people of Swati Nakshatra may always feel the need to move around which is exactly what the male buffaloes are like.

Female deer are highly inquisitive, gentle, alert, family-oriented and loving. The people of Anuradha nakshatra are of the same quality. The male deer are representative of Jyestha showing similar nature to female deer in addition to being territorial.

Monkeys are very intelligent animals as we all know. Purvaashada is very vocal and creates very strong bonds. The female monkey is a lot like the male ones and the people of Shravana nakshatra shows similar nature.

A male lion is a very territorial animal. It has great commanding powers and an ability to instil fear in others. The Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada also has the capability to do the same. The lion is called the king of the jungle and has the greatest share. Dhanishta nakshatra, with its female counterpart, allows people to earn more than their shares.

The planet in the Chitra nakshatra behaves the same way as a female tiger who has a sense of amiability in relationships and an attitude of sharing. The male tigers represent Vishakha. They have a daring and curious attitude who likes to move into unknown places.

With that, it brings us to the end of all the animals representing their nakshatras. As per Vedic astrologers in India, someone’s nakshatra is determined by their date of birth and birth time. So, if you know which nakshatra you are, you can look for the animal representing it and whether you share your qualities with them or not. To know more about these nakshatras you can place your order at:

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