Animals Of All 27 Nakshatras And What It Represents – Part 1

There is a total of 27 nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. If you are familiar with this subject you might know that every nakshatra represents an animal whose characteristics can be seen in the person with the same nakshatra.

As per Vedic astrologers in India, these representative animals can tell a lot about yourself. Now every animal represents both a female nakshatra and a male nakshatra. Today, I will discuss 7 out of 14 animals that represents the nakshatras.


Male Cats the animal of Punarvasu Nakshatra can really sleep for long hours yet have high sexual activity. This indicates a passive and procreating ability. Ashlesha symbolizes the female cats who are very observant and sensual.


The male serpent, the animal of Rohini is known to be very silent and dormant. They can be dangerous when provoked and watchful of his surroundings. On the other hand, the animal of Mrigasira is female serpent which is the symbol of fertility .


Krittika, the nakshatra with the animal goat is both curious and agile. The people of this nakshatra are very daring. Along with Krittika, Pushya has the same animal who has the same characteristics indicating that they are bound to break boundaries out of curiosity.


A female dog can be very loyal and fierce. As it is the symbol of Ardra the people of this nakshatra can be both these things. Moola represents the male dogs who apart from being loyal and intelligent can be ferocious, if provoked.


Rat the representative of Magha exhibits aggressive behaviour when threatened. The planet in this nakshatra might behave in a way to fight for power and establishment. Purva Phalguni, having the female of this animal as its attribute can be very productive, but also look for comfort and luxury in their life.


The male cow can be passive but yet become more dominant as it grows up. The planet of Uttara Phalguni shows the same nature as they passively become dominating as they grow up. Uttara Bhadrapada, on the other hand, represents the female cow. As per Vedic astrologers, any planet that represents the same has a lot of maternal qualities.


Ashwini represents the male horse which is a very compelling animal. It shows strength, virility, and freedom. The female horse can be cranky and territorial. The planet of Satabhisha nakshatra has similar behaviour.

These are the 7 animals that represent 14 Nakshatras. In the next month, I will tell you which animal represents the remaining 13 nakshatras and what it means.

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