Analyzing The Different Planets In The First House In Astrology

Analyzing The Different Planets In The First House In Astrology

zAs per Vedic astrology, the first house signifies the house of self. A lot of Vedic astrologers in India often refer to this house of astrology as Tanu Bhava which means the body of self. To be more specific in words, the very first house of astrology represents the various personalities of an individual, his/her appearance, the structure of body, characteristics, and important features. According to the Best Vedic Astrologer in India, the first house is responsible for shaping the personality of an individual. 

However, in today’s blog, we will look at the dominant planets of the first house and their influences on an individual’s personality – 

The planets of the first house – 

Sun: Sun in the first house signifies the quality of self-confidence and leadership. People who have the dominant presence of the sun in their first house are most likely to have a dominant personality. They are always up for any challenges and they are very much clear about what exactly they want in their life. 

Moon: A person gets a pleasing personality trait when the moon turns out to be dominant in the first house. However, these natives are often known to be emotionally weak and they are quite bad at decision makings as well. 

Jupitar: Having a strong presence of Jupitar in the first house means having a lot of enthusiasm in life. These natives are more likely to be too much optimistic about life. They usually have a big and compassionate heart. 

Mercury: Mercury in the first house of an individual denotes never-ending curiosity. Such people always have a thirst to know the unknown and learn new things in life. Besides, they are quite witty when it comes to handling difficult situations in life. 

Mars: If a native has a dominant presence of Mars in his/her natal chart, then he/she is more likely to be impatient and impulsive in their life. They are often so aggressive and energetic that they end up taking reckless decisions. Such quick decisions can often be the reasons for their regret in life. 

Venus: Venus in the first house blesses a native with a pleasing and charming personality. Such individuals can attract others towards themselves because of their charming and alluring personalities. 

Saturn: People with Saturn in their first house are meant to be too serious. They are basically introverts who barely talk to people openly but handle difficult situations with utmost seriousness and sincerity.

Rahu: Rahu in the first house often signifies immense growth and fame for an individual. People having a strong presence of Rahu in their first house are more likely to achieve the social recognition that they long for. 

Ketu: When dominated by Ketu in the first house, natives are often blessed with exceptionally attractive personalities. They turn out to be mystic yet independent in life. But with a strong influence of Ketu in the first house, natives may experience negative effects on their health. 

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