All About Ketu In Horoscope: Its Symptoms, Remedies, And Many More

All about Ketu in Horoscope: Its Symptoms, Remedies, and Many More

Ketu is one of the nine planets or celestial bodies that is considered during the analysis of a horoscope. Ketu is a shadowy planet. Its effects are primarily considered with the lunar nodes, with Rahu being the North Node. Ketu is associated with spirituality, intuition, relief, and mystical experiences. 

In this blog, we will explore Ketu’s mysteries, symptoms, remedies, and impact on one’s astrological chart as suggested by a Spiritual Counseling Expert in India.

Understanding Ketu

Ketu, a celestial body with the power to grant immense concentration and spirituality, holds the key to unlocking planning and insight into the future. Without passion, Ketu provides individuals with an increased ability to perceive growing events. However, when Ketu faces afflictions, their effects can be intense and impactful.

Identifying Afflicted Ketu

Astrology enthusiasts may be surprised to learn that one can determine whether Ketu is afflicted without looking at the birth chart. The signs of an afflicted Ketu manifest in a person’s confusion, weak concentration, and a tendency to jump between subjects. These individuals may lack strong insight and perception, struggling to gather knowledge from their surroundings. 

Biases and fanaticism:

Afflicted Ketu can lead to biased opinions and a narrow-minded approach to situations. Such individuals may resist considering various perspectives, showcasing an extremist attitude that hinders personal growth and societal harmony. 

Vision Issues and Fatalistic Attitude:

An afflicted Ketu can impact a person’s vision, causing long-sightedness and hindering their ability to perceive the broader picture. This stubbornness can lead to self-destructive tendencies and adversely affect the lives of those around them.

Health Implications:

Ketu’s influence extends to health, contributing to stomach-related issues, ulcers, peptic disorders, and even chronic disorders. Hair fall and heartburn may manifest when Ketu strongly associates with the lagna

Remedies for Afflicted Ketu:

Prayer and meditation:

Do regular prayer and meditation. This can be beneficial for strengthening the positive aspects of Ketu and mitigating its negative effects.

Charity and donation:

Make charitable contributions, especially to spiritual or religious causes. This can help afflicted Ketu. 

Wearing gemstones: 

Wearing a Ketu-related gemstone, such as a cat’s eye (lehsunia), is thought to bring balance and positive energy.  However, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer in India before wearing any gemstone. 

Mantras and rituals: 

Recite Ketu-related mantras or participate in rituals dedicated to Ketu. Astrologers also recommend this for balancing its influences.


In navigating the complexities of an afflicted Ketu, it is crucial to recognize the potential harm it poses to both the individual and society.  By seeking help and understanding how to work with Ketu, individuals can embrace change and harness the spiritual potential of this celestial body.

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