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‘A Journey Through Life’- ‘The Fool’ Card In The Tarot Deck

06, May 2019 Blog

‘A Journey Through Life’- ‘The Fool’ Card In The Tarot Deck

Can you describe any card within one look? It can be possible to tell by a Tarot Card Reading. It shows a man walking with holding a sack and a rose in his hand. But if you watch carefully in the picture, it’s showing he’s going to put his last step. Because he comes at the edge of the cliff and one more step, he will fall. It also shows a dog barking continuously and sending him warnings.

The man is like, ‘nothing is the matter even, if it is a dangerous step for him’. This card is the symbol of joyfulness and excitement. He’s going to encounter the most dangerous path if he is not careful. The card is showing that he is unaware of his steps.


I’m going to depict more about the card below, in details.

The Fool card is one of the cards in the 78 cards in a tarot deck. It is the part of the main 22 major arcana cards. The number of the card is 0. Earlier this fool card known as a Beggar or a Vagabond. This card has two parts. One is the Upright card and one is the reversed card.

Upright Fool Tarot Card:

Starting from 0, it shows the infinite potentiality. The upright fool shows the new beginnings or a new journey that is about to start. He thinks every step is adventurous and not care about what is going to happen next. He’s full of courage and he wanders without any worries. The fool card symbolised the new part of your life is about to start with curiosity and wonder. There are opportunities for you everywhere, which are for exploring the new.

Now comes to the other one.

Reversed Fool Tarot Card:

If you pick a reversed Fool tarot, it means the negative indications are high on your reading. Negative means, you will be in a dangerous position in your life, you will take actions without thinking and your action will put you in danger. You will not think about the future and someone can take advantage of you.

Should you be scared of picking the Reversed Fool tarot card? No, its not like that. It simply will help you be aware of your surroundings and help you make a right decision.

Interested to know more about this and the other cards? I’m taking Online Tarot Card Reading Course, where you can learn the concept of tarot, with many more features related to the tarot deck. You will get Recordings of the sessions and PDF, later on to help you understand everything.

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