Get Acquainted With The Interesting Facts About Vedic Astrology

Get Acquainted With The Interesting Facts About Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology aka Hindu astrology or Jyotish Shastra is considered to be one of the oldest practices of astrology in world history. This popular branch of astronomy basically depicts the real placements of the planets according to the date and time of a person’s birth. This is how any reputable Vedic Astrologer in India by practicing Vedic Astrology can reveal someone’s personality traits, future, and many other important aspects of life. Since Vedic astrology is considered to be one of the most accurate methods of forecasting, millions of people keep faith in Vedic astrology in this modern era as well. 

However, if you are also interested in Vedic astrology and its practices, give this blog a thorough read and know some interesting facts about this ancient method of future prediction. 

Vedic astrology is almost thousands of years old: 

According to many Famous Vedic Astrologers in India, Vedic astrology has been around for at least a thousand years in the world. Even, some archaeological evidences claim that Vedic astrology dates back to about 5000 BC. The practices of Vedic astrology are also mentioned in Rig Veda, a primitive Hindu composition. 

Vedic astrology is way different from Western astrology: 

You should not get confused between Vedic astrology and Western astrology. Because Vedic astrology is much more different from Western practices of astrology. Although the planets are the same in both types of astrology, Western astrology considers the position of the ruling planet whereas, Vedic astrology takes into account the position of all existing planets in order to predict or forecast an individual’s future. 

Planets are Gods in Vedic astrology: 

In Vedic astrology, planets are usually considered the Gods according to Hindu mythology. For example, in Hindu astrology, Navagraha refers to the nine heavenly deities that have a major influence or effect on human lives. Therefore, according to Vedic astrology, Navagraha is often worshiped to hinder the negative effects of the planets that are in hostile positions. 

Numbers of houses, planets, and signs in Vedic astrology: 

In Vedic astrology, there are a total of 12 houses, 9 planets, and 12 zodiac signs. According to Vedic astrology, the 12 signs are evenly distributed among the 12 houses, and the 9 planets are placed in different houses as specified by the birth chart of an individual. 

Now that you are aware of some interesting facts about Vedic astrology, allow yourself to consult the Best Vedic Astrologer in India to overcome the hardships or difficulties in your life. 

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