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Everything You Need To Know About The Effects Of Rahu

11, Apr 2023 Blog

Everything You Need To Know About The Effects Of Rahu

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered to be a malicious planet that mainly creates some negative impacts on human lives. Having random negative thoughts in your mind and having a constant feeling of failure and disappointment about life are some of the major signs which indicate that Rahu has certain ill effects on your horoscope. But did you know that apart from evil effects, the planet Rahu can also show some good effects on human beings? Therefore, in today’s blog, the most reliable Vedic Astrologer in India is going to discuss all you need to know about Rahu and its effects on human beings. 

What are the good effects of Rahu? 

Rahu, the most mysterious planet ever, is often feared by a vast majority of common people. Although Rahu is considered to be a destructive planet, it may bring huge success and prosperity to a person if remains in favour. Therefore, Rahu is not all the time a merciless planet that only causes harm to you. It is often said that if Rahu is strong in someone’s horoscope, he/she is going to achieve everything desirable. Along with that, Rahu can bestow fame, success, wealth, and physical beauty if it exists in the right place in someone’s birth chart.

What are the negative effects of Rahu?

This highly aggressive and mischievous planet can create so many adverse situations if situated unfavourably in any individual’s birth chart. The common ill effects of Rahu are as follows – 

  • Enormous financial loss
  • Hardship in education and future career
  • Mental stress, fear, anxiety
  • Several health-related problems such as cough, cholera, urinary ailments, constipation, and problems related to reproductive organs. 
  • Fearfulness, phobias, and even suicidal tendencies. 

Is there any remedy that can save a person from the clutch of Rahu?

  • To get rid of the catastrophic effects of this highly malicious planet Rahu, people choose to consult a Spiritual Counselling Expert in India. A Vedic Astrologer can suggest some effective remedies that can help pacify the evil effects of Rahu. Here are some of the powerful remedies – 
  • To avoid the troubles caused by Rahu, a person should worship the goddess, Durga. Chanting the mantra “Om Durgaye Namaha” 108 times every day works effectively to pacify Rahu. 
  • To receive the auspicious blessing of Rahu, try donating copper, sesame seeds to temples or underprivileged people. 
  • Black and dark blue are considered to be associated with Rahu. So, donating black or dark blue clothes or blankets to poor people may reduce Rahu’s negative impact on your life. 

Want to know more? Consider visiting a reputable Vedic Astrologer in India and know every in and out about Rahu’s effects on your life.

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