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6 Common Personality Traits That You Need To Know About Cancer

13, May 2023 Blog

6 Common Personality Traits That You Need To Know About Cancer

Cancer is the 4th sign of the Zodiac and it is commonly represented by a crab. People who have taken birth between 21st June to 22nd July are addressed with the zodiac sign Cancer. Cancer natives are fundamentally known to be extremely emotional, sensitive, intuitive, and highly insecure at times. Just like the two other common zodiac signs Scorpio and Pisces, the elemental sign of Cancer is water. Since Cancer natives are usually represented by crabs, just like the real crabs, Cancer natives are popularly known to retreat into their ‘shells’. That means Cancers are most comfortable in their own homes surrounded by their near and dear ones. However, this blog, brought to you by the Best Vedic Astrologer in India includes the 6 key personality traits of Cancer natives for your better understanding. 

Every zodiac sign has some good personality traits and bad personality traits. So, let us divide Cancers’ personality traits into two major categories – positive traits and negative traits. 

Positive traits of Cancer natives – 

Loyal: This is arguably the most remarkable personality trait of Cancer natives. In most cases, Cancer people are hard to connect with but once they open up with others, they dedicate their life with utmost loyalty to those people. However, this notable characteristic has made Cancer one of the most devoted zodiac signs ever. 

Protective: Cancer natives are known to be exceptionally protective of their near and dear ones in addition to being truly loyal to them. Cancer natives are usually seen to cherish every aspect of their friends and family members. This is why Cancers even do not hesitate to go out of their conventional ways to protect their loved ones, no matter what the actual situation is! Sometimes, it becomes highly crucial to keep protecting others but Cancers continue this trait even if it turns out to be a bit overbearing to others. 

Caring: It is obvious that when a Cancer native is loyal and protective to his/her near ones, he/she will be super caring and emotional. Their incredibly nurturing quality to those they really love has made them concerned or warm-hearted to others. Besides, note that Cancer natives expect the same kind of love and care from their loved ones but eventually end up being disappointed if they do not get the same kind of affection from them. 

Negative traits of Cancer natives – 

Moody: Mainly, because of their overly-complicated emotional attachments, Cancer natives are also known to be moody at times. For instance, they can instantly jump from being extremely happy to being deeply melancholic. According to a majority of Vedic Astrologers in India, this rapid change in the moods of Cancer natives takes place due to the connection between Cancer and Moon. 

Unforgiving: Cancers are revengeful on occasion. Despite showering love, care, protectiveness, and affection, when cancers assume someone is causing them to suffer badly, they eventually turn out to be unforgiving. Even, they get ready to get back at whoever is making them suffer for any reason. 

Too much sensitivity: It will not be right if we call it a negative trait of cancer. Rather, let’s discuss this personality trait of cancers as their weak characteristic. Being overly sensitive when it comes to dealing with the slightest criticism is one of the hardest personality traits of Cancer natives. For instance, if someone says something mean to a Cancer native, he/she makes sure that they will never forget the mean or criticized words. They like to dwell on that incident for the rest of their lives. As a result, being over-sensitive often hurt their self-esteem and makes it difficult for them to lead a happy, carefree, and positive life ahead. 

As we have already said that all zodiac signs have both good and bad traits, therefore, cancer is no exception. Hence, we have penned down both positive and negative personality traits of Cancer natives. Now, if you are curious about more things about Cancer or got queries about other zodiac signs besides cancer, talk to the Best Vedic Astrologer in India

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