5 Essential Vastu Tips to Consider Before Buying a Flat

In this extremely fast-paced age, flats are being the foremost choice for couples and nuclear families. Modern people prefer staying in flats because apartments can accommodate a high-dense population, they ensure safety, and having a flat is way more economical than having or building a house. Vastu is an important factor when it comes to staying either in a flat or a home happily and peacefully. Even though it is quite difficult to purchase a 100% Vastu-compliant flat, you can look for a few Vastu key points before you purchase a flat. Listen to the Best Vedic Astrologer in India – 

Here are 5 important Vastu tips that you should consider before buying a flat – 

Vastu For Bedroom: To make your house a peaceful abode, make sure that you have your bedroom in the south-west corner. This Vastu tip claims that if you have a bedroom and you plan your bedroom to be in the south-west corner, you will have a sound and peaceful sleep every night. 

Vastu For Kitchen: According to a renowned Vedic astrologer in India, food should be prepared in the South East direction of the house. Therefore, having a kitchen in the South-East is good as per Vastu. Remember that, you should never plan your kitchen to be right in front of your main door or entrance. 

Vastu For the Pooja Room: To bring your home peace, happiness, and harmony, the right positioning of your pooja room has a special significance. Your pooja room should be positioned in the North-East corner typically. Place the idols of the Gods either in the East direction. Also, make sure your pooja room does not share any wall with a toilet. 

Vastu For Bathrooms or Toilets: Most people do not pay attention to the Vastu of toilets or bathrooms. But Vastu in terms of toilets or bathrooms plays a major role indeed. Make sure you have bathrooms or toilets in the West or North-West or East or South-East directions of the flat. Also, you must avoid having a toilet or bathroom exactly next to your pooja room or kitchen. 

Vastu For the Main Door: The main door of your home plays a vital role as both good and bad energies can enter your home through it. It is very good if you can make your main door at least 7ft tall. Do place a clear nameplate on the outside of your main door. Try keeping your main door open inwards to welcome positive energy to your home. 

However, if you are interested in Vastu tips like these and want to consider more effective tips before buying your flat, consult an experienced Vedic Astrologer in India

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